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Flight 131

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

“Flight 130, you plane is now boarding.” I gave a man my bag as I was being pushed through security. “I don’t see why we have to go through all of this security just to get on a plane!” Complained Jodie. Jodie is my little sister she is 6 and she is so impatient and so annoying, but what little sister isn’t? “Don’t worry; we will be done in a few minutes.” Replied my Mama. I was at the end of the check out line and they were taking so long! I saw a lot of people running to the baggage claim. I guess they were late. My other sister Peyton who is 10 was being rushed! She looked like she was about to have a panic attack! I was also shaking because this would be the first time I have ever ridden plane! I was getting even more nervous as we rounded the corner to get to the waiting area. First class was already boarding. We were in section 2. We would be next. “Flight 131 to Orlando, Florida your plane is now boarding. Section 2 may board at this time.” I was as calm as I could be. It was not calm enough. My daddy was the first to board. Then me. Then Peyton. Then Jodie. Then Mama. As we approached the runway I was getting hot so I asked Peyton to turn the air towards me. Then all of a sudden I felt a big thud and we were in the air.

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