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My Day at Aquatica

January 2, 2009
By Anonymous

My heart is rushing one hundred miles per hour. My blood was pumping so hard that my veins felt as if they were going to pop out. I was feeling butterflies in my stomach as the icy cold wind was beating and thrashing my cold and soaked skin. The adrenaline started to pump in at about this time. I just felt the biggest rush. Three, two, one, go.

Previously that day I woke up with my mom yelling for me to get dressed. “Why mom” I said. “We are going to Aquatica”. All of a sudden I was up and dressed; that was the new world record. I was so amped up because today was going to be the day that my mom finally went on the Taumata Racer A.K.A. the Mat Ride. My family has been to Aquatica just about a thousand times but my mom has never gone to the mat ride.

Since my brother was working he couldn’t go but my parents, aunt, uncle, and cousins all went with us. We pulled up to the parking lot and just our luck the parking lot was very empty. We went to the stunning white sand and fresh water beach. Usually it is plague-ridden with people but today our luck just kept on coming. We found half a dozen open chairs so that our family could together.

After riding most of the rides it was time. The time of the Mat Ride has come.
I started thinking of my past experience with this ride. Every time that I went on this ride I always felt petrified. My mom was right behind us as we got our mats. Next thing we knew she wasn’t there. We couldn’t go without her so we went back and got her. We compelled her to go with us, there was no way out.

The line is very fast so in a matter of seconds we were at the top, in the front of the line. We were very moist from our previous ride. The slide is very far above the ground so the wind was freezing us alive. I don’t know why but I was elected by my family to go on the blue cylinder contraption. The blue tube is the darkest one. I was freaking out even though I’ve been on this slide so many times.

I wanted to win so much that every one wanted to clout me because of all the rubbish I was talking previously. I was freezing and blocking the wind from penetrating my damp skin. I looked down the tube and I couldn’t see anything. Three, two, one, go.

Down we all went. I think that someone got stuck because I heard them saying “Help me out, I yearn to beat Marcus!” I laughed because they said yearn. The tube was very dim and I wasn’t focused on were I was. I hit three holes on the side of tube and as rapid as a presidential candidate lies on stage I felt a piercing pain on my elbow. The pain was agonizing. All the luck I had just went away. I wanted to stop but there was no way to do so.

I thought the hits slowed me down so I thought I was going to be beaten. Approaching turn, the pain was slaughtering me. Out of nowhere the tube opens up and I dropped down. I was frozen at this point but what I noticed was that nobody was in front of me. Yes! About a second later I hear the screams of the people dropping down a sixty degree incline. I raced past the lifeguard. I can’t believe it but I just won. All the trash talking paid off. Bam it hit me, the blood was dripping down my wet arm. The adrenaline from earlier stopped and the pain was unbearable. Then the lifeguard had to come and stop the substantial sum of blood that was gushing out of my elbow.
Even though I got hurt I still came through and won the race. I was astonished at myself. The lifeguard said that I went into the tube last and came out first. Today was a really good day, my mom went on the mat ride, I got a scar and I won first place on an unbelievable race. The day ended with pizza on the beach as we watched the sunset on the horizon.

The author's comments:
Aquatica is a water park in Orlando.

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