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Hostile Hospitality

October 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Hospitality. Even the drunk waiter in a highway motel can proudly declare that he’s in the ‘Hospitality Industry’. However, educated people in five-star restaurants fail to realize the standards of this word.

Lexical meaning of ‘Hospitality’ is generous and kind treatment of guests or strangers. They may say, “We always treat our guests nicely, but not strangers.”
But for those in this industry, strangers are also Guests. Right?

While people in the Hospitality Industry are paid to look after the guests and make them comfortable, the ones who pay often go through undesirable circumstances --

Managers fail to manage things properly; waiters make you wait; cashiers are always short of change; salesman pays more attention to his English accent; air-hostess feels embarrassed when asked for a glass of water; taxi drivers are Schumacher fans; call centre employees are rude and customer care executives say they can’t help.

It seems everything is going wrong. Nobody is happy or content. We are all, as a matter of fact, living in troubled times. Everybody is unsatisfied, and this frustration often leads us to fights, altercations, arguments and tears. (We may not confess, though)

It is disheartening to see how everything in our world goes wrong. Everything- small and big.

But, as it is with all human problems, things can be done to improve the scene. And, for that, we all need to learn to be more happy, more satisfied at all times.

It reminds me what Deepak Chopra quote in his book ‘Power, freedom and grace’-

“Happiness for a reason is another form of Misery because that reason can be taken away from us at any time. Being happy always is happiness we wish to achieve.”

P.S. If you decide against this article, just forget it and --

Eat, drink and be merry!!!

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