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TV and Tribes

May 18, 2012
By UKguy SILVER, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Other
UKguy SILVER, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Other
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The United Nations has declared "Privacy" as one of it's basic Human Rights. On a daily basis we all use this right- we have secure computers, we can lock our doors and close our curtains and we do not have to keep every aspect of our lives open for anybody else to come by and snoop in on. Why then, when we see primitive tribes being exploited by TV crews do we brand this as "Entertainment"? The fact is that this is not entertainment. What you are watching is the selfish removal of a fundamental Human Right- and this is wrong.

Many primitive communities lack the education to realise what is happening to them and TV crews take advaantage of this to worm their way into tribes which clearly want to remain alone and private. Tribes are closed communities many do not trade, communicate or travel to the larger parts of civilisation so we can clearly see that it is clearly not their wish to be part of our culture in this way. So why force TV crews onto them?

How often have you had a tribesman from, for example, the Suri in Ethiopia come down to your house with a camera and ask to film you as you do the dishes, or as you sleep or even as you get dressed. You would surely not give him access. You'd understand the implications of the footage. Within days everyone in the Northern Hemisphere would be watching you in your home. You wouldn't want this. You'd want privacy. Why then approve of it when it happens to "Unga" in Ethiopia? The whole concept is a perverted hippocritical exploitation of these people and their lives.

If this isn't enough think of the children. They are completely unaware and vulnerable. It is cruel and abusive to force them to be followed by a camera crew as they live their already difficult childhoods.

You could argue that the media coverage brings information and awareness on a global stage. However I now want to tell you that this is untrue. It doesn't promote understanding rather than fuel a fire of misconceptions and prejudice. A fire which hundreds have died to extinguish through history. We then cannot; must not disrespect these fallen heroes by continuing the vicous human cycle of exploitation.

Primitive people should be left in peace- it's that simple.

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