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Grab Your Water, For This Contains The Spice of Life

October 19, 2011
By DancingFingertips BRONZE, Glen Allen, Virginia
DancingFingertips BRONZE, Glen Allen, Virginia
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Imperfection is perfection, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. --Marilyn Monroe

Imagine a world with the human race represented by identical clones. Clones with
everything and anything in common. Just think about it.

No, don’t speak now.

No, not now either. Think a bit longer.

Life would be catastrophically different. It would be, well, just so bland. Bland, you know, like a
pack of unsalted crackers, an unpainted canvas, or a courtship lacking romantic passion. It would
be meaningless, directionless.

Does this bland, lackluster world sound appealing to you? Hopefully, probably not. This is why
we have Diversity. We have Diversity to step in and save the day, like a sort of comic book
superhero that everyone cheers for. Because Diversity, lemme tell ya, is the stuff of life.

It is unlikeness and difference; uniqueness, even. It’s the salt to the crackers, the crazy textures
to the canvas, and passion to the couple’s relationship. Diversity is the ability to make oneself
their own self, to have no two pieces of original work exactly the same. It’s the difference in the
way your friends laugh, the difference in the way people move (or in some cases, jerk, twitch,
glide, or twirl) on the dance floor. It’s the ability to walk into a café and have the choice between
ordering a chocolate croissant or a blueberry scone. It’s finding that one person who is your
personal forever.

Diversity is what colors the world. And we can safely say that it’s something that we humans
absolutely cannot do without.

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