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January 16, 2008
By Anonymous

The beach is a place of relaxation, fun, sport, adventure, mystery and beauty. I love to travel and of all the places I’ve been, my favorites are always beaches. There are the beaches with still, clear water and white sand and there are the ones with sharp rocks and dangerous waves. Either way, the beach will always feel like home!
Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches. The most memorable beach of my travels on the beautiful islands was well off the beaten path. We had to rent a jeep to drive through thick jungle and up steep hills. Getting there was half the fun. This particular beach was nestled between two looming cliffs. It was a steep climb getting down to the water, but it was well worth it. The sand was all an emerald green color and the waves were massive. The beach formed by the erosion and concentration of olivine crystals derived from the surrounding volcano. The waves removed the lighter grains of sand leaving the denser olivine crystals behind to form the beach. The waves were very dangerous but I still ventured in. It is always humbling to be tossed around like that; it makes you feel so small compared to the forces of nature.
Another beach that sticks in my memory is one located in Aruba. It was almost exactly opposite of the green sand beach in Hawaii, but still enjoyable nonetheless. It had white sand, crystal clear water and almost no waves. It was ideal for relaxation. I layed on the warm shore for hours and when I got too hot I just got into the cool water.
Beaches are also exciting because of the nature that comes along with them. In Cozumel the beach right outside the hotel had clear water and lots of rocks and coral and unimaginable amounts ocean creatures. The patio overlooked the water and I remember throwing my food into the water and watching the colorful fish fight for it. I loved swimming with them because I would bring those little packs of crackers into the water and put on a dive mask and feed them from my hands. It’s like another planet under the water. Scuba diving let me experience it for the first time. I got to walk around on the ocean floor, forty feet below the surface and be a part of that vibrant world. It was unforgettable.
Even just the air and atmosphere of the beach is wonderful. Everyone is relaxed and just there to have fun. The sun keeps you warm all day and you cant help but to go home satisfied.

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