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Road Trips

March 17, 2008
By Emily Morris SILVER, Georgetown, South Carolina
Emily Morris SILVER, Georgetown, South Carolina
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When I was very little, my family and I began road trips to my grandmother's condo in Florida. We would drive past mountains, and hills. Barns with collapsed walls and old houses that have been through strong winds and have withstood severe storms. I remember looking out the window and allowing my imagination to run free. One minute I would be in the truck, the next I would be somewhere totally different running another life.
When my sister was born, we began taking road trips to Myrtle Beach where my parents fell in love with a small town. They worked secretly, every night after my sister and I went to bed and while we were at school.
Three years later, my parents bought a house in that small, historic town. They sold our house and their old shop and we left our friends and the familiar surroundings we had always called.
We were off on another road trip to our new life and I was going to travel into my own dreams.

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