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Charm Bracelet

September 28, 2007
By Anonymous

Carolyn Brandt collected a charm from every state she went to during her summer vacations. Each charm was in the shape of that specific state. Each charm was light blue in color with the wording of the state and the capital in silver, except for the charm of the state of Arkansas which was black in color with the wording in gold.

Included an extra charm of the razorback pig, mascot for the University of the Arkansas's sports team in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The only University in the United States with a porcine mascot. Each charm was purchased in their signature state.

The charms are attached to a seven inch long silver bracelet. With thirty-four charms attached to it, it is a bracelet filled with memories of great times and a way for Carolyn to keep track of her life's adventures during her childhood. The bracelet has generated many conversations over of the years.

Receiving the charm bracelet was very special to Carolyn since her mom and dad were frugal and didn't spend money foolishly especially on souvenirs.

Carolyn keeps her favorite charm bracelet in her jewelry box, where it's protected from the elements and where she can look back at all good memories she had in her childhood.

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