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By Anonymous

   WhenI was 10 years old, my dad had the opportunity to work at almost any college inthe world for a year. Our family went through some heavy discussions about whereto go. Germany, Australia and Colorado were among our top choices, and we finallyagreed on Germany. So, at the end of summer in 1995, we flew toMunich.

The first few months my brother seemed very homesick - a lot morethan I was - but I was seeing amazing things, including the German culture andcountry. I cherish these memories, and they amaze me now even more than when Iwas ten. The more I learn about the history of places, the more I can respect andunderstand them.

At Christmas my mother decided that my brother and Ishould fly home to spend time with friends and family back in Kentucky. At home Icouldn't help noticing how plain Lexington, and America, seemed in comparison toMunich and Germany. It was then I realized that America is just one country amongmany in the world, and you might not find everything you want in America - therest of the world is full of treasures. Even though I realized America is not theonly great place in the world, it's still home ... and it felt good beingback.

After a fantastic Christmas, it was time to return to Munich. Overthe next months we traveled all around Europe and I saw some of the mostbeautiful places. At the time, though, I didn't realize just how amazing theyreally were.

Kids in Germany are surprisingly similar to kids in America -with some slight differences. They have a different dress style, but generallythey're just kids who love to have fun and socialize. In Munich it was almostimpossible to have nothing to do. A city of 500,000 residents, it is thick withactivity, life and culture.

Years later, I still find myself retrievingforgotten memories of my adventures in Europe. Those wonderful moments willalways be with me.

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