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800 Miles from Yesterday MAG

By Anonymous

In the heart of South Carolina,
En route to sunny Florida.

800 miles from yesterday,
Worlds and worlds away.

It's been a while since I've seen such green grass,
Or met strangers brimming with compliments as you pass.

"What a gorgeous head of hair"... "On such a beautiful face"
Always makes you feel like you've come to the right place.

I've seen beat-up trucks and men smoking pipes,
Seen men say grace in restaurants and pray for faraway wives.

I've seen a thousand nighttime headlights flare,
I've breathed in thick, hickory-smelling air.

I've heard twelve hours of country music,
About drinking men who fall in love and then lose it.

I've had breakfast in a ghost town I loved,
That I'll never even know the name of.

I've felt Virginia rain on my neck,
And I've divided for each and every mileage check.

I've ordered a sandwich wider than my mouth,
I've fallen in love with the laidback South.

I've made my lifetime memories,
I'll be coming home full of stories.

800 miles from yesterday,
Worlds and worlds away.

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