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The Stroll

November 8, 2022
By Anonymous

The whole place, where people could golf or walk, was lovely and looked like it was tended with care. Dam grass covered most of the area like a blanket, keeping the path clear. The sky was dull, but the light blue and purple shades could still be made out. The wispy clouds were bold with a crayon streak texture. It was relaxing, just walking and talking with one another. Once in a while, a gust of wind would pass us by, making us shiver and stop in our tracks. We eventually reached a section containing many sky-high trees full of faint water and animal sounds.

I spotted a bridge not far away. After we took some pictures, we were eager to get to the end. As our surroundings started to change, so did our pace. Whilst everyone had started to get a little tired, my grandfather showed no signs of slowing down and was already way ahead along the path. This was not unexpected as he is used to walking, and does it every day. Me, my sister, and my cousin, were all running to catch up.

By then I was panting hard, sure I could not go on anymore. Without realizing, we had ended up near a fairly high cliff. Beneath it was a beach with almost nobody in sight, and birds soaring overhead. Flowing waves splashed the surface in a rhythmic way onto the sand of glittering minerals. A more vivid hue replaced the once pastel sky as the sun shined brighter upon us. The rest of the group had come at last and told us it was time to go back. Even though the walk might appear as typical as any other, I enjoyed the beautiful, peaceful, and calming scenery.

The author's comments:

For my mother and aunt’s birthday this year my family and I went to Half Moon with my grandparent’s and aunt’s family. Their birthdays are on the same week, not falling on the same day. We rarely ever go someplace all together, so it was special for me. The hotel we were staying at had a designated area for golfing and walking. The weather was nice, and even with the certain chilliness in the air, we all wanted to take a stroll (in that designated area). In this piece, I tried experimenting with imagery, creating a mental image using literary or figurative language. My favorite part is the ending.

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