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Giordano's Way

October 3, 2022
By Anonymous

Crispy dense crust, 

Sweet tangy sauce,

Salty savory bacon,

Juicy tender chicken,

Sweet crispy onions, 

Melted stretchy cheese.

The smell of a perfectly baked pizza walking through the door onto the kitchen counter. 

The pizza drove all the way from Chicago to get to me. 

The layers are evenly distributed. 

First the dense crust, 

then the juicy chicken and tangy barbeque sauce. 

To top it off the sweet onions and savory bacon sprinkled on top, 

then covered with the melted stretchy cheese. 

The sweet taste of the barbeque sauce first then an explosion,

all of the toppings hit the taste buds and there is an amazing flavor filling your mouth.

The author's comments:

Submitting for English class 

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