April 23, 2019
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ReadMaisha BRONZE, Hyderabad, Other
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Ooty located in Tamil Nadu, India is a beautiful hill station for recreational activities and leisure .It is also known as the Queen of Hill Stations .It is a memo of nature’s blessing. I would like to share my experience of travelling and my journey to Ooty and what fun things I did there.
We started off our journey to Ooty from Bangalore via Mysore. Mysore is a small city in Karnataka and is also the birthplace of the famous ruler Tipu Sultan. After an hour or two we came across the Bandipur National Park. It is located amidst the picturesque surroundings of the towering Western Ghats in Mysore. It is also a protected area for the conservation of biodiversity and preservation of wildlife. We saw a variety of animals, from peacocks to elephants, from monkeys to deer’s, it was a pleasant sight. The Bandipur National Park shares its boundaries with the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary (Tamil Nadu). The protected area is home to several endangered and vulnerable species. After a while we had crossed the national park and had set off to Ooty.
We took the thirty six hairpin bends road to Ooty.The thirty six hairpin bends are the curvy roads that could make you dizzy.However it is very scenic and the sight of the terrace gardening was splendid. After a set of curves and bends,we were at our destination Ooty.
There was freshness in the air and the weather was calm and cool. We stopped at a hotel, freshened up and were off to explore the wonders of Ooty.
Our first destination was the Tea and Chocolate factory. There ,we saw how tea was made and tasted the tea of the fine herbs. They showed the journey from the tea estates to our cups and it was yum! The chocolates of Ooty were delicious ranging from milk flavoured to hazelnuts and dry fruits. Don’t forget to buy them and take them with you. Next we made our way to the boathouse by the lake. There are stalls where you can buy sweaters, mufflers, toys and eateries. We sat on a motorboat and rode in the cold rippling water. The lush green landscape, the earthy pine trees and the misty clouds had tranquillized and soothed me. Surely it was a wonderful experience. The nights were calm,quiet and cold in Ooty.
The next day, we were at the Udagamandalam Railway Station where we sat on the mountain train to Coonoor. The whole of Ooty, the luscious green valleys, misty hills, the vast expanse of tea estates and the lofty mountains were seen through the small windows of the train. The Nilgiri hills were a breath of fresh air. We reached Coonoor after an hour. After a couple of minutes of travelling we reached a green valley where we did horse riding. It was also a well-known place where Hindi movies and songs were shot.
The surprising fact was that there were three mountains that formed the structure of a sleeping lady! In addition they connected three states; Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu .The people of Ooty are environmentally conscious and have made certain rules including the prohibition of using plastics. In alternative to plastics the people use cloth, banana leaves or newspaper.
The trip to Ooty was a memorable one as it is an admirable tourist attraction spot. I recommend going and exploring Ooty and have a break from your busy lives.

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Ooty is a hill station located at Tamil Nadu and it is a beautiful hill station where you can have a break. This was my experience of travelling to Ooty.Hope you like it.

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