On Par for a Good Career

January 25, 2018
By Margebahr SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Margebahr SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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I can remember being a stubborn 5 year old, using my neon pink clubs trying my hardest to hit the perfect shot. Considering myself lucky if I got one ball off of the ground. I wanted to go to the course more and more until I got better. It was very frustrating at first and it still can be at times but, enhancing my game is one of the reasons that I love golf. Once in awhile I manage to hit a perfect shot and all of my other shots get the job done. There is always room for growth so I hope to continue improving. That is why one of my life goals would be to excel in golf. This would include going to state four years in a row, getting into a D1 college for golf, and possibly making a career out of it.

First, I would like to make it to the state golf tournament for all four years of my high school career. It is a hard goal and I know that it is going to be challenging. So, if I want to do this I need to work hard by going to the golf course everyday and doing summer tournaments. Also, I have to consider getting a swing coach like my brothers Addison and Jackson. When they got a swing coach, their games improved by 15 strokes. Another way I can make it to state is by listening and learning from the people that can help me. That would include my dad, brothers, my coach, and professionals. By going to state for four years, there is a chance that I could make it onto a D1 golf team.

Going to a D1 college for golf would be a very fun way to continue my golf career and education. If I did this, my game would get better and I would continue to improve. Not to mention, I would travel the country and play on some of the best courses in the nation. Hopefully, I will get good enough to where I can eventually earn scholarships. Getting those scholarships would be amazing and on top of that, it would help me pay for my college education. Having great coaches that know what they are doing would also be a big benefit. Along with great coaches, I would also have access to good facilities. But, being in college forever is not an option so eventually I will want to find an excellent job.

Golf has a lot of opportunities in the job force. For example, if I was really good, I could make it onto the LPGA tour. I could also manage a golf course or be a golf coach. I think it would be amazing to be a professional golfer. At the moment, that is my dream job. I would be able to compete all over the world with other unbelievable players. Lexi Thompson, a professional golfer, inspires me in the way I want to inspire people. If I was a golf coach I could watch kids learn and love the sport in the same way that I learned to enjoy it. I want to have an impact on someone’s life, even if I am just the coach from high school. It would be amazing to be apart of this sport for the rest of my days.

As anybody could tell, golf is my favorite sport and has been for a long time. My love for golf goes beyond the game and I am optimistic that the game will continue to love me. I hope my coaches and the people around me will help me go to state, get into a D1 college, and maybe end up being my future career. I want to be the best at something and golf is my greatest opportunity to do that. One day I think I can be the best. When people ask me why I like golf I always tell them, “Because when I was 5, I couldn’t even hit the ball. Look at me now.” Being a 65 year old grandma teaching my grandkids how to play is what I look forward to. Golf is a lifetime sport, and I want to play it until I die.

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