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Balancing Sports with School

December 1, 2013
By JBroccoli BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
JBroccoli BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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After graduating 8th grade all I could think about was being a 9th grade, being in high school, meeting new friends, and most importantly being able to play my favorite three sports for my high school teams. Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball were the only thing on my mind in the summer.

Summers almost over and Soccer practices start. It was great I got to play sports in the morning than hang out with my friends after. I was having a great time.

School starts now and I meet lots of friends get to meet my teachers. I would go to school, walk to practice, then go home and do the little bit of homework I was assigned. I had great grades! Well the little bit of homework didn't last long. I was getting homework every night and had to study for upcoming tests and quizzes. My grades slowly started to slip a little.
Soccer season is almost over and I get my report card. My grades were good but I was disappointed that I didn't do better. The 2nd marking period starts and soccer ends. I had 3 weeks between the end of soccer and the beginning of basketball season. During those 3 weeks my grades were great because I had plenty of time after school to study and do my homework.
Basketball starts and so does the stress and lack of time to do homework and study. Finally, I thought of a schedule and way to balance sports with my academics. I realized that one of my main reasons for not doing great in school was procrastinating. I made sure that when I was given as assignment I would complete it that night and get it out of the way. Also, I made a plan for myself. when I get my homework I try to complete most of it in my free time during school. When I get home from school I get right onto doing homework. I do this so that when it is time to go to basketball I am done all my homework. So when I get home from practice I have free time to eat relax take a shower and maybe study or do more homework if I have any more.
This plan has helped me a lot this marking period. My grades are great and I still get to enjoy playing sports and hanging out with my friends.

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