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My Day on the lake

September 19, 2008
By Anonymous

My day started by waking up, getting dressed, and eating. Then we went and got the boat at my dad’s work. We went to the gas station, where we filled up our gas tanks and our stomachs.

Then we headed to the lake. Oliver Lake my favorite lake in the whole world. On the way to the lake we saw deer in pretty much every field we looked in. It was the perfect morning for fishing. When we finally got to the lake I knew it was going to be sort of cold, which it was. At 6:30 in the morning I could not believe it was so cold out. The lake was beautiful, the water was so calm and still it looked as if it was glass. It was perfect, my dad and I knew it was perfect. Finally we started backing the boat into the water. As soon as I started the motor I took it to shore so my dad could get on. When I heard that motor start I was so excited that we were on the lake I completely forgot about how cold it was. After that we went through the channel to get to the lake. When we got out on the lake the water was still as smooth as glass. On top of the water were little rings of water where the fish just came up and touched the top of the water. It’s cool being out on the lake at 6:30 in the morning looking across the lake at all that’s going on like the sun coming up over the tree tops.

Anyways we got out to our spot where we were going to fish and we could see minnows jumping which meant the bass were chasing them. That’s what we wanted to catch, the bass so we threw a jerk bait in the middle of where the bass were and we both pulled in a bass. After catching fish like crazy I sat down and ate some chips that I got at the gas station and took a drink of my diet Pepsi. Then I was right back at it again. After a while we moved out to try and catch the bigger bass in about 12-15 foot of water. We fished for a while on a point and all the sudden my dad set the hook. He missed it and then we looked down and we saw about a five pound smallmouth bass just sitting on the bottom. We were so mad that we started to fish straight down trying to catch him. But we couldn’t. We still to this day go back to that spot. Despite all that happened it was about 9:00 and we needed to go in at 10:00 so we went to one last spot back on Martin. Martin is hooked to Olin and that’s hooked to Oliver so we went back to Martin. Back on Martin on the far side, a tree is in the water in front of a creek. We went and fished that tree and of course I got stuck on the tree. We went up to the old fallen down tree to get my bait, there were two 7-8 pound bass were just sitting in that old tree. We sat in that spot for the rest of the time trying to catch them but they wouldn’t bite. It was finally 10:00 so we headed back to the boat landing. When we got back we talked about how many we thought we had caught. I’d say about 30 or 40, not all big bass, lots of them were small. After we got done talking we were on our way home. All and all it was a pretty terrific day.

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fishing is my favorite thing to do

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