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The Game

September 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Yes I can’t wait; my team and I have to win this game. One warm sunny windy day I was in my house getting ready for my soccer game. This soccer game was going to be one of the most important soccer games of my life, because I have played soccer for about 6 years, and on this team I have played with them for a year. In all the teams I have played on I’ve never made it to the championships. That is why this is so special for me.

My team got to the championships by two reasons. The first reason is because we practiced a lot, and the other reason is because we had to play a tournament before we got to go to the championships. In the tournament we played two games. The first we won 4-0, and the second we won 5-0, so we were pretty confident until we figured out whom our opponent was, the best team in the league, Duncan.

When I finished getting ready my dad and I told my mom that we were leaving. When we got out of Morehead my dad finally said something, “Are you ready for your game,” he said. “I guess so,” I replied back to him nervously.

Then When I saw the sign that said “Welcome to Swansboro” I got even more nervous. Sweat was dripping down my head; my hands were starting to sweat too. “You’re going to be fine,” My dad said.

As I got out of the car my dad said “Go on, I’m going to park the car and I’ll catch up with you in a minute.” My teammates were waiting for me “David is here” one of my teammates said. I saw the field it was green and well cut the sun was shining over the field it was a great day for a championship game. The only bad thing about it was the wind. Our team was practicing when the referee said for us to get ready for the game to start. When our team got ready my coach said for Daniel, Wood, and I to be the offense. Brett was our midfield, and our defense was Matthew, Connor, and Trevor, and finally our goalie was Alex. Alex has brownish hair and he has a lot of freckles. He is also our best goalie, but his weakness is catching really high balls. It is because he is not really tall.
BEEP the whistle was blown by the referee. The game was on. The other team had the ball first and they were pretty good so far. We’ve gone against this team twice before. The first time we won 3-1, and the second game we lost 5-0. In the first 5min. of the first half that was when we had our first closest shot was. Wood passed the ball to me and I took a shot and it hit the post. 10 minutes later our goalie threw the ball, because if he punted it, it wouldn’t go far, because since it was windy and the wind was blowing on him. When he threw it Connor got it and passed it to Wood. Wood had it for a few seconds then he passed it to me. When the ball got to me I was going to shoot but someone was gaining on me so I passed it to Daniel. He shot and made it. “Yeah” cheered the crowd. We were winning 1-0. That was like my 7th assist of the season. After that shot we made nothing much happened in the rest of the first half. We went over to the sidelines when the half was over.
“Good job team, we are doing great so far.” Our coach said, “Keep it up and we will win this!” That is when it happened.
In the second half we both struggled we kicked and we fought, but then in the last 10 minutes their best players Alex and Gavin passed until Alex tried to pass the ball to Gavin and a boy our team, Brett accidentally tapped the ball with his hand. The other team got a free kick.
Alex on the other team wanted to kick it and he did. He backed up a bit and took a deep breath and kicked it. Whoosh! The ball flew in the air and it went in.
We only had 10 more minutes to score. In those ten minutes nothing happened none of us could make one more goal. So we had to go into overtime. In over time we had two fifteen minute halves. In the first overtime nothing happened. In the second overtime in the very last three minutes I passed to Wood, Wood to Daniel, Daniel shot and the goalie caught it. I backed up, but too much, because I knew that the wind was blowing on him, but then I remembered that he can still punt far. When I was about to back up more he punted it. Bam! It was going, going, going, our goalie jumped but it was too high and it went in! It was the most amazing; it was just fantastic punt I have ever seen. We still had one minute left but we didn’t score. We came in second.
Second wasn’t that bad, it’s just that second gets medals and first place gets trophies, and I wanted a trophy for my trophy collection.
We got our medals and took pictures, and since I was pretty mad so I just took my medal and took pictures and I left. My dad said “its okay there is always next season.” he said.
“I know. I guess there is next season, but I am going to have to make it all the way to the top to make it to the championships,” I said. My team and I learned our lesson. Just because you are winning that doesn’t mean the other team could catch up and win. Then my dad and I left in the red Honda Civic without saying a word when finally we got home.

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