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Making The Cheerleading Squad

September 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Ringgggg, went the bell as I quickly walked nervously down the hallway to the gym. As I walked to cheerleading tryouts I kept on saying the cheers over and over again in my head as people kept on bumping into me.
Walking to the back room was the most nervous moment in my life like I was taking a hundred question test. Everyone saying, “Good luck,” made me even more nervous. Standing up waiting in the back room, ready to go on with everyone talking loud, dancing, doing the cheers, I just wanted to through up. They gave us numbers so we can know who we are and I was number four.
“Let’s Go MCMS, Go Red White and Blue!” I said screaming and running into the gym. At that moment my heart was pumping rapidly and more nervous then ever. Standing there in the cold musty gym, with my hands on my side with a huge smile on my face in my head I kept on saying,” Come on Karlie, you can do it, come on girl.”
“We want a Touchdown!” After doing that cheer I put my hands to my sides and watched the three judges write down their scores and talked among each other, I couldn’t keep myself back from walking over there and look at my score.
While I was running out of the gym screaming and yelling all nervousness went away like pouring water out of a glass and then it filled up with joy that I got it over with.
Sitting in the hallway watching the other girls come through the door just made me feel great because I made it through cheerleading tryouts. I never knew that I could do it.
It took two days till the paper, with the people who made it on the cheerleading squad would go on the door. During those two days when I went to the gym I would always remember the moment standing there in a nervous wreck. I kept on thinking about if I didn’t make it people would come up to me and say,” Karlie did you make the cheerleading squad?” then I would start to cry.
My mom kept on saying,” Karlie if you don’t make it then you will try again next year.” I didn’t want to try it next year because I didn’t want to go through the nervous moment.
If I didn’t make it I would have a back up plan I would do another cheerleading program, it is a lot of fun and my friends are doing it too.
When I woke up the morning when I would go and see if I made the team. I didn’t want to get out of bed because I didn’t want to see the piece of paper. I had to go through the whole day then I would go and see if I made it. During the whole day I kept on getting the chills and my heart kept on beating faster every time it got closer to the end of the day.
Ringgggg, went the bell. I was walked slowly through the hall ways. I did not want to see that piece of paper. I got into the courtyard when all of a sudden my friend comes out of the door jumping and running and had a huge smile on her face. She came up to me and yelled, “I made it, I made it.” Then she said,” There was also number four,” at that moment I didn’t know what to do I just wanted to fall to the ground, it felt like all my nervousness and fears lifted out of my body. I can’t believe I made it!
I didn’t make the cheerleading squad because I am good at cheerleading. I made the cheerleading squad by practicing really hard and I put my mind to it and I did it. If you work really hard and you believe in yourself then you will succeed and that is what I did! Now I know that what ever I put my mind to it, I will succeed.

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mrmike said...
on Oct. 3 2008 at 2:31 pm
Karlie, you are great!! You should be proud to have learned what life is really all about. even if you had not made the squad, you still would have great knowledge of what really matters in life. I am proud of you.