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Super Cross

March 27, 2008
By Anonymous

Welcome to Indianapolis, Indiana. This is a 1 out of 9 races. This should be a great one- tonight folks. We are here with the 250cc tonight. The racers for the 1st heat are Rayne Villapoto, Rayne Dungy, Broke Helper, Josh Grant, Nat Adams, and Andrew Short. Ok the track looks difficult. You head into the woops right after the start where you will see some crashes there. Then after the woops there is a sand section then the sand section which is difficult for most people then the rhythm section then the WALL. Then a woop section there is a lot of those on this track. Then the FINSH LINE. The riders are lined up ready to go the 30-second board is up and they’re off. Rayne Villapoto gets the whole shoot with that Short goes down into the sand section. It looks like Short is out of these race. Villapoto wins heat number 1. In heat number 2 Eli Tomac came in 1st Josh Hanson in 2nd Rayne Sipes came in 3rd and Nathan Ramsey in 4th. So now we are ready for the main event, and people in that are Rayne Villapoto, Rayne Dungy, Nat Adams Josh Grant, Eli Tomac, Josh Hanson, Rayne Sipes, and Nathan Ramsey. That’s all who will be racing in this 10 lap main event. Villapoto won the main event here are the points.
Villapoto 200
Tomac 110
Well see you tomorrow with 450cc

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