You Really Think Golf's Not a Sport?

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Golf. A sport considered not a sport. A sport considered just for old and retired people. A sport thought of as boring. Yes, taking a quick glance at the sport creates these thoughts, but, to really understand the love and desire of the game, you have to experience it for yourself. Of course this goes with all things such as food, people, jobs, etc. To look at golf and say that it doesn’t deserve to be a sport is like saying that a certain presidential candidate doesn’t deserve to be president because he is too short. To really grasp a true opinion on golf you have to experience it. To me, golf is a sport of strategy and skill.

Most teenagers can pick up a basketball and shoot it into the hoop with little struggle. But could most teenagers pick up a driver and drive it more than 200 yards? I think not. Golf takes practice and skill to play. When I started playing golf I was horrible! If I played basketball the way I played golf then, I wouldn’t be able to make a single basket. But after a ton of practice and effort, I can now play the sport affectively. By affectively I mean without worrying about messing up every shot and I can progress. In other sports, you don’t really have to practice a ton just to be able to play the sport the right way; it’s easier to grasp a better understanding of how to play the sport. This proves that golf requires more work to achieve excellence in the sport.

The part I love about golf is that the game can change at any moment. Not saying that the game can’t change at any moment in other sports but the change isn’t as big. Every hole in golf is different along with every shot. One shot could be absolutely great, right down the fairway, and then the next shot could be in the sand trap where you have to hit it out with a different club and swing. That’s where the strategy part of golf comes in. There’s a maximum of fourteen golf clubs allowed in a golf bag and I use every one of them. I have my irons, hybrids, woods, driver and putter. In baseball you have a glove and a bat, which aren’t that hard to use in the right situation. For every shot in golf you have to know which club you should use and how to use it for your current situation. There is rarely any repetition in golf, which contradicts many people’s opinions of the sport being boring. Last I heard was that repetition isn’t the most exciting thing to look for in sports.

Golf is a difficult, strategically, skill needed sport. I am not trying to tell you that other sports are horrible and that they are stupid, all I’m saying is, give golf some credit. It’s not for just for old people and it’s not boring. It takes skill and hard work to play it as well as people do. If you think against me and that golf is lame, go out to a golf course and see how you play vs. pros.

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