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November 26, 2007
By Anonymous

Training to become a gymnast
takes strength and dedication.
Perfection is the goal
intended for the body,
while toughing up the mind
is to prepare for hard work.

Building stamina and endurance to work
is only a portion of being a gymnast.
Mental thoughts fill your mind
and years of dedication
cause abuse to your body
but pays off when succeeding your goal.

A ten is the goal
and may be reached with work.
Precision of the body
will transpire when you are a gymnast.
You must give all your dedication
and allow a rock solid mind.

Doubts cannot fill the mind
when trying to focus on the goal.
The events need hours of dedication
and time to achieve that last bit of work
especially in the life of a gymnast.
And as you look at your body

with bruises and sores visible all over your body,
you cannot psyche yourself out with your mind.
Performing as a gymnast
means reaching every goal
and thinking about your completed work
you will achieve. And the dedication

comes along the road with accuracy and dedication.
Building up your body
is necessary. Vault, beam, bars, and floor take work
and require goals.

Each and every gymnast has amazed me. So much dedication
is necessary with astoundingly high goals. A strong and well defined body
that leaps through the air with nothing in mind, only the dream that came true with work.

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teenstar_25 said...
on Nov. 29 2010 at 8:07 pm
I could totally relate to that if school had not got in the way i would still be doing it. I loved gynastics!! Thanks for the awsome article!