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David Americo Ortiz Arias

March 30, 2008
By Anonymous

I am doing a report on David Arias, better known as David Ortiz. I chose him because he is an excellent baseball player and love sports. He stays out of trouble and I think he is a respectable man and sports star. Here’s his story.

David Americo Ortiz Arias was born November 18, 1975 in Santo Domingo, the capital of The Dominican Republic. David being the oldest of four children had a great sense of humor. His parent’s names are Angela Rosa and Enrique. Enrique played pro and semi pro baseball in Dominican league. David liked watching his father play with the Martinez brothers (Ramon and Pedro) when he was 8 years old. Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz are now close friends.

When David entered Estudia Espallat High School he was tall and powerful and a natural power hitter in baseball. He was also a star basketball player in his high school. He was tall and quick. His tallness gave him the ability for center and forward. His quickness and ball control gave him the ability as a guard. In baseball David was calm and had a powerful and quick swing. If the ball pulled inside his quick swing could still manage to pull the ball all over the field. Scouts saw a lot of promise in David. He was scouted and through a lot of confusing trades and such, he made the Twins. Now he would have to work into the minor league teams.

David worked through some years in different leagues around the U.S. and eventually landed himself in class-A minor leagues! Within a month David went to class-AA minor leagues! No one thought that David would develop this fast. David did extremely well in class-AA and within another month David had made class-AAA! Eventually David got called up for spring training and was injured but made some games at the end of the that were to good for the minor leagues. In 2000 David was guaranteed a spot in the Twins starting line-up. David did well in 2000 b committing only 1 error in 223 chances but started roughly. Although he did finished well. 2001 came and twins were doing great. David injured himself with a wrist injury and returned in July to finish the season all right with an average of just .233. A few months later David’s mother died in a New Years day car accident. David got more involved in baseball. In the 2002 season the Twins were unsure, if they should start Ortiz. When his knee started to ache they were even more reluctant to play him. He got his knee scoped in April and returned a month later. It took him along time to get his ability back. In the second half of the season David batted .419 in the 3 weeks after the All-Star break. The Twins built a lead and went to the playoffs. They beat the Oakland A’s but lost to the Angels in the ALCS playoff round. David became to much money for the Twins to spare and became a free agent. Pedro Martinez from the Boston Red Sox (at the time) convinced the Red Sox GM to sign David. David quickly caught on and got along great with his teammates. He helped the team to the playoffs. He gained AL MVP and they went to the playoffs but they lost in the first round. In 2004 David and the Motivated Red Sox made their way to the playoffs. Winning 2 series in a row, the Red Sox made the World Series. David (now known as big papi from his teammates) and Pedro helped the Red Sox to their first World Series win since 1918.

David Ortiz has made his way from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to Boston, Massachutes in the United States. He is the very kind of sports player and person that I hope to be someday. David Ortiz is a Star and any kid that grows up to be like that man is special. That’s what has happened to David Ortiz and it is the dream of every child that has played baseball. David Ortiz is a special man.

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