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My Heart is Pounding

March 19, 2008
By Anonymous

My heart is pounding
The soccer team is all lined up
We stare into the faces of our enemies
The whistle blows
The adrenaline kicks in

The score is 2-2
The game is almost over
We are giving it our all
Our jerseys are drenched in sweat
We must win the game to get into the championship

We have two minutes left
We are in their end
They fouled me in their 18 yard box
I got one shot on the goal
Just me and the goalie

I stare into her eyes immensely
Just to see if I can tear her down
She doesn't budge
The ref blows the whistle allowing me to shoot
I kick the ball with all of my might

The ball goes right in the corner sliding across the net
I look at the clock and time is up
We have won the match
Victory is ours

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