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Types of Field Hockey Shots

March 7, 2008
By Anonymous

The game of field hockey requires a lot of skill. One of the most important parts of field hockey is how players shoot the ball. Like each play has a role in other sports, each shot in field hockey plays a role in the game. The types of shots consist of drives, flicks, scoops, push passes, and slap shots.

Drives are the most common shot in the game. (MomsGuideSports) The technique is quite simple. Both hands are gripped tight at the top of the stick. The player takes a swift backswing to gain momentum to take a hard stroke at the ball. This shot causes the ball to go the furthest and is a powerful shot. It may be used for long passes, free hits, or hard shots at the goal.

Flicks are a quick shot. They are used to shoot on goal to make it more difficult for the goalie to stop it since it’s in the air. They may also be used to dodge the defense and lift the ball over their sticks. Flicks are a type of shot that lifts the ball into the air, though the ball may not be lifted more than 18 inches above the ground to avoid a penalty. (MomsSportsGuide) To master a flick, one must put the head of the stick at an angle to slightly get underneath the ball the flick the wrist. It’s difficult to learn, but effective once mastered.

Scoops are less common. Like flicks, the ball is lifted off of the ground, but they go vertically higher and less far. They are mainly used to dodge the stick of the opponent but may also be used to take a free hit outside of the circle.

Push passes are the most accurate passes in the game. This pass is taken without a backswing, using the player’s body to put power behind the ball. A stroke of the wrist pushes the ball quickly. They help a player aim because there is no backswing. They are ideal for quick shots at the goal. (MomsSportsGuide)

Slap shots are the most powerful shot in the game. A half backswing is used, with hands stationed about 8 inches apart. It is a hard shot that can be used for any type of shot in the game. Whether passing or shooting, this type of shot is successful when properly executed.

Each type of stroke plays its own role in the game. Some are more important than others. The most important is the slap shot as it can be used for passes, shots on goal, or any free hit. When controlled, it may go as close or as far as desired. It is the most useful though every shot plays its own part. Without all of these shots combined, the game would not be the same.

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