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Facing Failure

November 1, 2007
By Anonymous

George Shaw said, “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” Everyone in the world has activities at which he or she excels. Whether its school subjects, sports, or any kind of art; however, no one succeeds at everything. Participating in various activities showed me that showing talent in certain activities like art may not occur. Math and science are school subjects I don’t work hard to understand. I enjoy playing golf and softball, and I continue to surpass my goals with practice. Art is an example of a hobby that you can only excel in with some natural talent, but I embrace the desire to develop the abilities needed for this kind of activity.

Growing up, the sport of volleyball never interested me. Friends playing CYO, mainly a Catholic organization that holds activities for youth, sought after me, but falling on the floor or diving for a ball just didn’t sound appealing. My perspective changed eighth grade year. My Spanish teacher, Mr. Meyers, approached me wanting me to play on the middle school team. He did not care if I knew how to play or not: he just needed me for a fourth team. I told him only on one condition, no griping about how bad I play. The coaches’ jaws dropped when they saw that I learned how to over hand serve in five minutes. After 6 a.m. practices every other day and plenty of suicides, running from one line to another one while overlapping the one you just ran to, the year came to an end. Mr. Meyers, liked my competitiveness and desire to win.

Volleyball was thrilling, thrilling. The excitement that ran through my veins was as quick as the light flash of a lightening bolt and I grew attracted and fond of volleyball like an obsessive person. Volleyball was my game and hopefully Blue Valley Northwest High School would accept me as a representative. The first day of try-outs, forty freshmen, all for two teams, too many girls competing for the same prize. Catching the coach’s eye, a key to success. My hard working plan got me through three days and I remained uncut. I left that day jumping with joy because one day remained and it just didn’t fit the plan for me to get cut now. WRONG! The last day before school, they cut me. I tried to stay strong because I passed ten guys in my grade before I actually escaped out the front doors. I jumped in my mom’s car and tears began to roll down my cheek. Very disappointed and determined, I hoped to make the team next year.

So determined to play next season, I looked for a club team. I made it through two and a half hours of demanding work outs. The coaches informed everyone to expect a phone call on the results. It was nine thirty and still no call. I went to bed extremely disappointed and ready to cry, again! My newly figured out dream, shattered and became irretrievably broken. Trying out for a different team and working even harder, became my future. At a quarter until ten, the phone rang; I sprang right out of bed like my room caught on fire. I made the team.
I practiced the following week. Christina, my coach, encouraged me to keep working hard and practicing every day. She said that she saw small improvements every practice and just to keep working hard. So I remembered, the bumping, setting, and hitting that she taught me. I worked extremely hard to get better. Club season finally ended, after playing from late December to late March. I finished school and then came summer. My mom signed me up for three, week long, and two and a half hour clinics right before school. I wanted to touch a volleyball before try-outs.
I tried out again and surprisingly made the sophomore team. Not the best team in the world but better than the one that I didn’t make last year. I played every game like it was the last game for the rest of my life. At the end of the year my coach told me that I didn’t improve as much as I did between seasons. Also, there may not be a place for me on the JV team. I brushed those evil words off and continued on with life. I played club for another season and tried out for the team. The last day of try-outs, they told me I did not have a spot, done, finished!

At that instance, after exercise, practices, competitive ball, and a positive attitude, my goal was unachievable. So now, in the same sport I failed in, coaching became my game. Pass, Set, Hit, keep going girls! I teach fundamentals hoping the girls can successfully achieve their dreams.

Being amazing at every activity or sport is over-rated. What's more important, little improvements create better personalities and a better person, better than none at all. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT, and never give up!

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