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My Addiction

December 11, 2007
By Anonymous

At times I hate it
I loathe it with all my heart
But at other times it is amazing
And I can’t get enough of it

The coaches are never satisfied
Even if you give it your all
Injuries are a constant threat
And there is way too much drama

Tears are often shed
Angry words and fights are common
And if you mess up or goof off
You will have to run sprints

But even through all the negative things
Like the fights, the drama, and the injuries
I’m in love basketball
But I’m not really sure why

I am disappointed when practice is cancelled
Or when a game is postponed
I cry when I get hurt
Only because I know I can’t play

The adrenaline rush is indescribable
There is no better feeling then to win
I am only satisfied with my performance
If I am drenched in sweat and exhausted

I’ve now come to realize
Why I love basketball
I might as well admit to it
I am addicted.

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