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Getting To Know Mike Lynch MAG

By Anonymous

   InSeptember, I had the opportunity to interview Mike Lynch, a sportscaster fromWCVB-TV, Channel 5 in Boston. Here are his answers to the questions Iasked.

LM:      Whatwas your favorite sports happening in all     your years ofsportscasting?

Mike: My favorite sports happening was telecasting the1988 Olympics. The reason is because it was interesting for me to see a skijumper from Finland who was an ordinary carpenter come and compete at theOlympics with no real training for the sport, just a talent forit.

LM:      Howgood of a chance do you think the Bruins have this season?

Mike: I feelthey have no shot at the Stanley Cup. I think that they will come in fourth orfifth in the Adams Division. They will most likely come in sixth or seventh inthe league.

LM:      How doyou think the Celtics will do this season after the death of ReggieLewis?

Mike: I feel that the Celtics' season this year will hit areal dry spell. Their best bet is to get into the lottery to help rebuild theirteam.

LM:      Whendid HIGH-5, which recognizes a high school athlete each week,start?

Mike: September 27, 1985.

LM:      How many students have beenrecognized by HIGH-5?

Mike: Well through eight years of HIGH-5, 350students have been recognized.

LM:      How long do you expect HIGH-5to continue?

Mike: As long as I'm around, HIGH-5 will continue andhopefully much longer.

LM:      How long have you beensportscasting?

Mike: I have been sportscasting since 1977. I have beenwith Channel 5 since 1982.

LM:      What's the best thing aboutsportscasting?

Mike: Probably the fact that no two days are the same. Oneday it could be the World Series, another day it could be Michael Jordanretiring.

LM:      Have you always wanted to be asportscaster?

Mike: Yes. Sports have always been an interest of mine. Iwanted to play pro ball but when I realized that was not an option, I decided togo into sportscasting.

LM:      What sports did you play inhigh school and in college?

Mike: In high school I played football,basketball, baseball. In college I played football andbaseball.

LM:      What high school and collegedid you go to?

Mike: I went to Swampscott High School and HarvardUniversity.

LM:      What is your favorite sport towatch and play?

Mike: It all depends on what season it is. My favoritesport to watch now is baseball because of the World Series. I love to play allkinds of sports.

LM:      How should people interested insportscasting pursue that career?

Mike: People interested insportscasting should try and get involved with the cable broadcasting system inyour town. Practice reading in front of a mirror. Radio record yourself to seehow you sound. Watch different people on TV. Also, learn as much informationabout sports as possible.

LM:      Lastly, what is your advice foryoung athletes who want to become pro athletes?

Mike: My advice for youngathletes is to never let anyone tell you "no." Also thinkpositively.

Interviewing Mike Lynch was a very awesome experience.Not only is he a great sportscaster, he is also a great person. I really enjoyedinterviewing him. I know now that I definitely want to become a sportscaster whenI get older.

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