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By Anonymous

   Do you enjoy playing soccer, but can't find anything to do in the off-season? Well, you should try playing indoor soccer.

Indoor is played in a dome. The field is very different from an outdoor field. In indoor the field is much smaller, and is split up into thirds with three lines. It is also an oval shape surrounded with walls. The walls are the best part of indoor, because you can play the ball off the walls. The goals are much smaller, too. When you play indoor, you have five players and a goalie. However, you can have "power plays" like in hockey. This happens when a player gets a card and receives a two-minute penalty. Sometimes the referees eject players from the game if they have gotten two carded warnings.

Indoor is also a much faster game than outdoor, so you have to be in good shape. The equipment in indoor is basically the same. You need shin guards and sneakers, but indoor soccer shoes are better for the turf and they give you better ball control than sneakers.

Indoor is a great way to improve your soccer skills. You'll have better ball control and better touches when you start the outdoor season. If you are at all interested in playing indoor soccer, ask your coach or the recreation department in your town for details. l

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