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By Anonymous

   The last two years of high school, I started as a striker on the girls' soccer team. During my sophomore and junior years, I did not have as many responsibilities as I do now that I am a senior.

During the first two years, I followed along with the rest of the team. I did the job that I was assigned to do - taking the practice balls to practice - and I did not take leadership of anything else. I felt I could have taken some leadership, but I thought that seniors were in charge of everything.

I always looked up to the seniors on the team, even if they did not start and I did. I guess it was because they seemed older and wiser. In my junior year, I was very close to them. One of my best friends was a senior, who helped me deal with my attitude and confidence. I admired her very much, and I miss her a lot this year.

For the last two years, I have watched the seniors show their leadership of the team. Now that I am a senior, I have many responsibilities I never had before.

One is to organize the team when the coach is not able to be there. I also have the responsibility of telling the coach any problems the team is having that he is doesn't see.

This year I especially have to make sure I watch my attitude and keep my head up in every situation, on and off the field. I have to be a good influence on those who are looking up to me. I also need to talk to the younger players and make them feel they are part of the team. I want the younger players to remember me as being a helpful and "cool" senior whom they could come and talk to about their problems.

This year, I have discovered how difficult it is to be a senior. I have to watch all my actions and show good leadership to the younger players. I have to care more about the team and less about myself! l

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