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By Anonymous

   The newest fad in teen sports is rollerblading - not just any rollerblading, but with half-pipes, quarter-pipes, vert ramps, spines, and other types of ramps. Teens love the thrill of this sport. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this new fad is that each person can develop a unique style of skating.

The basic equipment to engage in this thrill-seeking adventure are skates, knee-pads, elbow-pads, and a helmet. Wrist guards can also be worn, if desired.

The worst problem is that there are not many decent places to skate. The closest place for me is twenty miles away, so I decided to build a ramp in my neighborhood. If you're not sure how to construct your own ramp, plans to fabricate various styles of ramp can be found on the Internet.

The largest rollerblading and skateboarding promoter is The X-Games which takes place annually in Rhode Island. The X-Games host many of the new "extreme" sports. This event attracts skaters from all over the world, including Arlo Eisenburg, a rollerblader who put on a spectacular performance, and the legend of skateboarding, Tony Hawk. If you didn't watch the X-Games last year, I recommend you check it out. The games take place in June.

If you have never dropped in on a ramp or half-pipe, you probably think those who do aren't playing with a full deck. It takes guts, but once you get the hang of it, it's unbelievable. The best thing about this relatively new sport is that you can always improve, because new tricks are being developed each day. If you're interested, get out and try it. l

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