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By Anonymous

   One experience that I never dreamed I would have is to go fly fishing. I thought it would be boring.

Boy, was I wrong.

I went on a trip to Montana. Before I tell you about fly fishing, I'd have to say that Montana is the prettiest place I have ever seen that I recommend visiting.

A few days into my trip, I stayed at a ranch. Each day we had a different schedule. One day we went for a half day of fishing on the Gallatin River.

To start off, I had a short lesson on how to cast my line on a pond at the ranch. At that point, my instructor knew I was a hopeless cause. First, I managed to tangle my line after every cast. Secondly, I don't know how, but my hook kept getting caught on my jeans. Nevertheless, I was getting a good laugh out of it.

After our lesson, it was time for my favorite part: getting dressed. I have never looked as ridiculous as that morning. I was suited up in a bright yellow pair of waders and yellow galoshes five sizes too big. Before I even fished I had already laughed at myself numerous times.

Now was the time to go to the river and do some actual fly fishing. The entire ride we could not stop laughing at the sight of each other. When we made it to a river with whitewater rapids, our instructor announced that to get to the fishing spot, we had to walk through mud, which is not as easy as it sounds. If you have ever walked through two feet of mud wearing galoshes that are too long, you'll know what I mean. After two steps, I fell down and sank right into the mud, getting my backpack and body muddy. The next thing I knew my friend was lying in the mud with me. Needless to say, it took us much longer to cross the mud than it should have, and I could tell my instructor was becoming aggravated.

By the time I made it to the river, my stomach was aching from laughing. It was time for our next big adventure: crossing the rapids to an island in the middle.

My friend and I decided to be partners, which was probably a mistake. With the help of our instructor, we set out to cross the rapids. Since I could not keep my balance, it was almost impossible to stay standing in the strong currents. My friend was laughing as she watched me try to cross the river. In turn, she lost her balance. I thought one of us was going to be swept down the river. If it wasn't for our instructor, I really think we would have been. Our instructor was yelling to stop laughing and pay attention to what we were doing.

Finally, we made it to the island. I fly fished for about two hours, and the only thing I accomplished was tangling my line on the rocks and trees, getting the hook caught on my waders, and falling into the water. No, I did not catch any fish that day, but a simple fly fishing adventure turned out to be one of the most humorous days of my summer vacation. l

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