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Respect Comes Hard MAG

By Anonymous

   Spikes in place. Lace up the shoes.

Think of the future. Glory, happiness,

Relieved, but most of all respected. Assure

Yourself 4 minutes 59 seconds of straight hell

Will foreshadow a great future. Stand up to

The line. Feel your intestines turn, become

Tight, making unheard of noises. Sense the

Fear of the opponent. As you get set,

You feel the drip of sweat gradually spawn

From your forehead. You concentrate where it

Coming from. You feel its every move down

The crevasses of your temple. BANG! Jolt into

The race. Feel like crap. Legs wobble, running

Out of breath, have to keep the pace. Mouth

Becomes dry. Stomach is irritated, heart pounding,

Eyes water from the beginning sprint. Footsteps

Creeping behind every step. Faint noises in the

Background. Don't want to let the team down.

Feeling the breath of the person right behind you.

Crossing the line - seven more laps left. Why you say?

Why do I do this? - Just to fit in with the crowd.

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