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{oh baby i’ve run.} MAG

By Anonymous

     i’ve run in sneakers, i’ve run in heels, i’ve run in sandals, slippers, no shoes at all.oh baby i’ve run.i’ve run in california, utah, hawaii, texas and connecticut.
i’ve run through the ocean, i’ve run up the mountains, i’ve run down the trails, down the streets, down the river, down the stairs, down the terminal.
oh baby i’ve run.
i’ve run with friends on my back, i’ve run with babies in my arms, i’ve run with hats on my head and socks on my feet.
i’ve run from cars, i’ve run from shadows, i’ve run from men, i’ve run from dogs, i’ve run from competitors.
i’ve run from my fears, i’ve raced toward my goals.
oh baby i’ve run.
i’ve run under the sun, i’ve run under the moon, i’ve run under street lights, trees, lightning, smoke.
i’ve run until there were blisters on my feet, i’ve run until the sweat pours down my face, i’ve run through heavy rain pelting my skin, rocks scraping my ankles.
i’ve run in races, i’ve run for fun, i’ve run in groups, couples and all alone.
i’ve run for 12.43 seconds, i’ve run for hours at a time.
i’ve run for AIDs, i’ve run for cancer, i’ve run for my team, i’ve run for myself.
oh baby i’ve run.

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