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A Letter to My Worst Enemy
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Dear Depression,       You’re a black cloud, swirling above my head, bringing nothing but rain. You’re a thick film of mucus that covers all of my senses and coats my brain. You change the way I interpret every... (more »)
Football Waves
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Evening Football games are a frenzy on fridays. Electricity courses through Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and even people who don’t go here. Arriving through the gates and heading for the bleachers. Searching for my friends in... (more »)
Ocean Adventure
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The moment I step onto the beach, my foot gets swallowed by the sand and I quickly feel the warmth flow through my body.  I make my way across the hot sand searching for an open area for my whole family to relax.  As we get closer to... (more »)
Never Coming Back
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“I love you, never forget that” My dad told me.                “Sure” I response It was a sunny afternoon, it was very hot, and I was alone on my... (more »)
I Wish
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I wish  could go back to when I was younger. To when I was full of energy. When I was constantly bouncing off the walls. Go back to no drama. When making friends was easy. When I was beyond excited that I had lost my tooth. I would put it... (more »)
The Day the Cardinal Flew This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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There is a creek in the little valley of the two hills that south 68th street runs through. Where the road runs over the trickling stream, there is a clearing in the tangling trees that dance in the stiff but subtle late October breeze. In that... (more »)
My 7th Birthday
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My eyes fluttered open; I looked to one side then to the other. When I lifted my head slightly a sharp agonizing pain, went through my entire body feeling as though it left me paralyzed. I had no ability to deal with the pain on my own.... (more »)
A Best Friend
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I found Kate P.’s article, “A Best Friend”, very touching and relatable. It only made me realize that friendships don’t last forever. You might still care for someone in a way you won’t for anyone else, but things... (more »)
I Want to Forget
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A day I want to forget, but I cant forget Wednesday, December 27, 2017. Just a simple day, going to my dads business for a family lunch. We all decided on Buffalo Wild Wings, we were all laughing around the table making fun of each other for... (more »)
Words This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I can recall how carefree I was as I skipped from one aisle to the next, my brothers by my side. From the moment we walked into the homely Dollar General store, we tikes had set off on our quest to discover the timeless word searches and... (more »)
By , South Burlington, VT
The ocean wrapped around the Maine coast as if cradled by it. My brother and I would begin the day by going on an early morning walk along the beach front during which we would scout for the perfect site of our sand castle. It was more of a... (more »)
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Run away, run away. She’s contagious, contagious. Run away, run away. She’s contagious, contagious. These words swirled around my head and rang like a lullaby in my ears. Clear salty drops slipped down into the emptiness of the... (more »)
My Best Friend
By , palm bay, FL
Everyone has a best friend, whether you hate them or love them you still have them and believe it or not you need them. So today I want to talk about my best friend Matt Moscrip, he’s one like no other, one you can trust. You won’t... (more »)
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They say...heartbreaks lead to death. I wonder...why I not dead yet! They say...that our heart is made up of this linkage of many thousands of threads inside from which, every time you experience a heartbreak that is too much... (more »)
Life Saver
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I want to save someone’s life. As a kid, I was bullied for being small. I didn’t have any say about my size and how much I wanted to grow. Whenever a peer had asked me, “Why don’t you grow?” or “Why are you... (more »)
Half Breed
By , Elk Grove, CA
My mother is white… My father is black. I always get the same condescending snotty response to that statement. “Oh your mother is white?” The look of barely concealed disgust lays close to the surface of their dark colored... (more »)
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