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What Is Love

January 24, 2018
By HidingAnnabella SILVER, Milltown, Wisconsin
HidingAnnabella SILVER, Milltown, Wisconsin
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Try your hardest in everything you do even if nobody is watching.

Love is around us and it is impossible for us not to know the name but do we know what it means? To me love is more than someone running after their girl in the rain. It's the burning you get when you’re away and the way it just melts when you see his eyes. To me love is when you can't help yourself from pulling them into a hug. I have been told over and over that a teenager cannot know what love is but if the feeling of the late night conversation, talking about anything and everything isn't love then what is? My love is a sweet blued-eyed cutie who seems to be just as clingy as I am. Upon meeting him I was told that he was dangerous but how can someone who holds my hand so gently ever cause harm. This is a man that would sit up with me for hours just because there is a new show I want to watch. This man is a man who dream builds and makes a life in full color. To me he is love. To me love is never hiding apart of yourself because you know that they will except you. To me love is him.

The author's comments:

I wrote this to my beloved and this is how I see love is.

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