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My Roller Coaster Experience

November 27, 2017
By YoungCarter BRONZE, 4067 Murry Street, Virginia
YoungCarter BRONZE, 4067 Murry Street, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"Jesus can walk on water but I can swim on land" - Chuck Norris

We walk into this creepy dark room. Aliens on the wall in test tubes. I stand in line. Many people are in front and behind me. There’s no way out. Area 51 is a class 5 roller coaster. I watch  as the victims in front of me take off into the darkness! Screams of horror and cheer. Then they disappear!

Conner, the guy that I went with, said, “ Oh don’t worry there won’t  be any flips upside down.” Guess what? He lied.

I hopped on the coaster. Took a breath. It felt like minutes before it took off, but it was really about 10 seconds. It counted down 5...4...3.., (There was a pause) .2-1-oh no. I didn’t breath that whole time, but I was for sure screaming.

I heard people screaming, wooing ,yee-hawing!

I felt a little bit throw-upy, but I knew it was worth it the second I went off the ride. The roller coaster felt as if you got punched by the Rock then have Chuck Norris snap your neck.  It whips your neck, but it’s a fun ride and a fun story.

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