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Uncommon Recipe

April 7, 2017
By ngf16 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
ngf16 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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105 lbs of confidence
7 endlessly supportive best friends
1,680 ounces of pure grace
Two ears whose sole purpose is to listen attentively
One set of conscious lips, capable of severing hurtful words from constructive words
One strong conscience, striving 24/7 to restore morality to the world around it
One heart that remains sympathetic yet strong, a heart that can be vulnerable yet remain protected from harm

Take your 105 lbs of untarnished confidence, and carry yourself with pride. Allowing yourself to radiate kindness and strength.
If you are struggling completing step one, utilize your 7 endlessly supportive best friends to raise you up and assist in the completion of step one.
With each ounce of your being (approximately 1,680 oz) emit complete grace and endless thanks for the blessings that you have been born with and received throughout a lifetime of purpose.
Use your two ears and one set of lips to hear the pains of those around you and to communicate sympathies and meaningful truths. Be sure to use the filter built into your lips, to separate the hurtful words from the constructive words.
Next, use your strong conscience to constantly sustain peace in your surroundings and eliminate anything which opposes your moral values.
Lastly, constantly exercise your heart. Allow yourself to be open and vulnerable, let people know you. Simultaneously remain strong and protect yourself from harm. Once the above steps are completed, you may rest assured you are everything you have wanted to be.

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