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I Really Don't Care Anymore

January 20, 2017
By davismkammerer GOLD, Newmarket, New Hampshire
davismkammerer GOLD, Newmarket, New Hampshire
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so, in a few hours of me writing this, the apocalypse will officially have begun... I just don't know what to say... I mean, I don't really take anything seriously. so my timeline over the past two years has been "what might we be doing soon?" then, the primaries "what are we doing?" after that, "what have we done?" and now, now that doom's day is upon us, "no, really? how the [redacted] did this happen? I don't even know what to [redacted] say." we're stuck here, but i guess the people who would elect drumpf, (and yes, I refuse to call him something that sounds good.) but i think we need to look at some things that mean my entire peninsula doesn't get nuked, and thus everything may be fine. for example, instead of drumpf 2.0, he put Ivanka in charge of the business for the next four years, and if you look at the two business wise, she's the better of the two... I don't care about the incest quote... or the fact that looks are a major part of how he hires people... or that this means he won't work with most world leaders... or that if he does work with one, he'll be too busy to get anything done. he made a good business decision! and what about trump care? it's basically going to be Obama care, but probably with that "personal care" thing where costumers would... i don't care about the blackmail... or the fact that this likely means he'll be sorting the cups into two categories, thus making woman either think about that every time they get asked to do so, and even if they can get past that, it may not even get tested because of drumpf forcing doctors to send it straight to him. but his board is a bunch of people who know at least the smallest thing about their position... I don't care that he said he'd drain the swamp... i don't care that this means he likely won't keep promises to world leaders, the fastest way to get in a war since insulting Canada and meaning it. umm so... we're not gonna die right? did I convince at least someone? no? but... those are all good things... I don't care that I spent the whole time debunking myself... I don't care that this means even if he does something good at face value or on paper, the execution is still the execution... of our gay, trans woman, black, Muslim, aunt sam... I don't care anymore. just get this over with so we can look at all the mutants from the fallout.

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i tried guys, i really did... oh well.

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