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Sacramento, My Home

December 8, 2016
By SILVER, Sacramento, California SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Sacramento is capitol of California, a city I am proud of. A coo and fun party town where it seems to be impossible to get bored. A place where there are lots of good paying jobs for everyone. Five star hotels where athletes sometimes stay, good schools with great educational programs, students that stay on task with amazing sports teams. Parks where children go to play tag and just relax. Beautiful neighborhoods where next door neighbors are best buds and everybody is close. Restaurants leave the smell of dreams in the air and birds chirp joyful tones. I guess you can say Sactown has it all.

Sike!!! That’s not the real  Sacramento. In this city there is nothing to do because everything has already be done numerous of times. There’s never anything new. Most jobs are taken and now of days it seems as if they all have super low incomes. Those neighborhoods where everybody seems to get along, nope everyone fights, those communities are dirty like a teenage boys room. Loud music, gunshots, dogs barkings and sirens is all you’ll ever hear. The parks where kids attempt to have fun are crappy, bums seem to be everywhere in the park. Some even live in the bathroom LOL… And as for those five star hotels, here you’d be lucky to getta Motel 6.

These things that show what Sac is really like makes our city look so bad and it grows a bad reputation. In my opinion being proud of a place like this is as bad as being proud of being in prison. But it also causes many problems and may cause more down the line. People not getting along in their communities can cause violence in those areas. And finally the loud and obnoxious music, gunshots, drugs, and sirens just makes us look as ghetto as Compton in the 90’s

But in conclusion, it is stuff like this that make our city seem not as good as people say. It’s on us as citizens to change these opinions and make our city better. We gotta make Sactown the amazing city people claim it to be

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