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Wake Up!

October 19, 2016
By YESSENIAG SILVER, Sacromento Ca, California
YESSENIAG SILVER, Sacromento Ca, California
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Wake Up!   

What! You're pregnant? Why? I have always thought we were the last ones. My two sisters and brother they have always said that they wanted four kids. I can't believe it. My heart dropped I know now that everything was going to be different. “Way” I asked? “It just happened” my mom and dad excited! “I can't believe it you told us that we were the last ones that you wouldn't have more everything's different now!” I didn't know how I feel sad,mad,happy, maybe every emotion sine that I can think of.

Time has past after the big reveal. It was the day after Thanksgiving. It was my favorite day I was so happy it was the day were all going to put the Christmas tree up.We put the Christmas lights up outside we decorated the kitchen and table even our rooms . At the end we all looked at my baby brother as he puts the Christmas star on top of the christmas tree. Everything looked joyful beautiful it looked like Christmas. Today was a wonderful day.
Today is Christmas eve the entire family is coming together even family from Mexico were here. I could smell the wonderful delicious food in the oven ready for me to eat. “The foods ready!”someone yelled.I  was  so excited, I ran to the table waiting to eat. As I was eating enjoying the taste of food looking at everyone my family thinking to myself I love holidays when the entire family is together. We're all going to stay up till 12:00am to open the presents. Until my mom started to feel something we all got into the car and drive to the hospital. On our way there so much traffic “COME ON MOVE IT!” Dad screaming with anger and stras. We have realized that she was about to give birth. We got out of the traffic and on our way to the hospital. They were now taking her in.

Buy the time everything was over it was Christmas. We got to meet our new baby brother he looked like my dad small eyes and a lot of hair. At the time I was carrying the baby I feel happy but I heard  a noise it sounds like a alarm clock. I was up! “What am home?” “It was all a dream?” I ran to my mom and dad everyone was eating breakfast “I had the craziest dream!” screaming. “I had a dream that you and dad were expecting.” everyone was laughing.”oh my gosh!” I had the same dream, my sister said shocked. “Now that I think of it I had one like that to” my dad said. “ARE YOU!” everyone screaming. “NO.”my mom said with a weird expression on her face.  everyone was relieved. Especially me. Now that I think of it am glad that my mom did not have a baby. We already have two little one running around in the house that we can't control and having another one would just make everything more difficult. Even though it would have been fun and I miss it sometimes having a baby at the house.  

The author's comments:

It was a wonderful experience but also scary.

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