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Behind the Wheel

October 19, 2016
By SILVER, Sacramento, California SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Being behind the driver is a complete different experience than being the passenger. When your hands are on the wheel, you feel as if everything is in your hands. You really control the situation. My first time behind the wheel, i was scared for my life. Hands shaking, sweating, anything that can make the situation seem anymore worse. It was just me and two of my siblings in the car with me behind the wheel. My older sister had drove already and certainly seemed like she should already be driving at fourteen years old. But finally it was my turn. Loud music playing, with the smell of cherry car freshener in the air. The street of Juliesse avenue off of the Marconi freeway exit will always be a huge monument for me.


In such a rush to begin driving, i slammed my foot on the gas. The most funny think about it was that the car was still in park i still remember my brother and sister laughing at me. When i took it from park to drive, i quickly sped of pushing about 45 mph in a small Honda Civic. When i attempted to make my first turn, i kept hearing my brother say “ ease on the gas dre”. What the heck does that mean? I was wondering the whole time, but i quickly ignored him. When i made the turn i drove out very far into the lane going the next way. “What the hell are you doing!!” shouted both my brother and sister. My brother told me to listen to his instructions very carefully for the rest of the drive.


When i got into the correct lane, i was stuck at a red light. I never knew that when you are stopping, you had to keep your foot on the break the whole entire time. Thinking the car wouldnt move i took it off the break and it started to proceed forward. “BBBBBRRREAKKK!!!” shouted my sister. Luckily we were the only car out there so there weren’t any patrol cars to see me almost run a red light or any other vehicles for me to hit either. There was no need for my brother to tell me about keeping my foot on the break because at that point it became obvious. Even though i had only been driving for about 3 or 4 minutes, i already thought i was doing terrible.


Blinker on, i turn left. A long straight away was all i seen. There’s a slang term that me an my brothers use when we say “ you got the green light” meaning your in the clear or you can go ahead. That’s what i felt i had. Mine finally cleared, not a fright in my mined at all. I started doing about 65 miles. With no struggle of keeping the wheel straight, I realized i had to make a left turn. I came to a complete and hard stop. My sister screaming as if we had crashed. I quickly made a u-turn and went down the correct street. “ Pay attention to turns an streets”. My brother reminded me. Once again being the stubborn fourteen year old kid I am, i thought i had the green light once again.

A stop sign hiding behind a large tree. But not being aware of it coming i began to speed at 82 mph.

“SSSSSTTTTTOOOOOPPPPP DRRRRE!!!”  Said my older brother. When i finally did stop, I had been passed a stop sign. I began thinking to myself, what if a cop car was around. That would have been an easy ticket and we most likely would’ve got the car towed. Finally these exhausting, and highly dramatic 25 minutes were over. My driving experience was done for now. I pulled over and put the car in park.


Overall my brother was telling me i did pretty good. He also said i need to work on turning an easing on the break when coming to a stop or going over a speed bump. But one thing he told me that really stuck to me was that i need to build my confidence behind the wheel. My pig headed sister said she’s afraid to get i  the car with me behind the wheel but who cares what she thinks. I know I’ll get better though over time. This experience was just the beginning of a long time behind the wheel. At times yes it was tiring, yes it was scary, and yes i just wanted to quit but those are just feelings i have to be prepared for in this situation. I just have to keep driving.

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this was my personal experience driving a car

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