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Lost Boys

October 19, 2016
By b00kw0rm4 GOLD, Sacramento, California
b00kw0rm4 GOLD, Sacramento, California
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It was the middle of the day with bright sun, blue sky, green grass, and a soft breeze. It was a great day to play outside and like the best day of my life because one, I got a new ball, two I got a new bike, and three I was visiting my cousin, Kristy, at her house. When we were young we played together at the beach next to her house and now that I’m 6 years old I get to visit her again.


“Here I go!”, yelled David while kicking my new ball. The ball went flying as it was going to space.

“That was high!”, Kristy said surprise and went after the ball. David was bigger than me and Kristy and I thought he was a bully who lives next door, but he’s actually a very kind person. As we waited for Kristy to get the ball, David had suggested that we should ride my new bike to the forest later. I thought it might be fun but I still wanted to play with my new ball. Kristy came holding my ball in her hand flat with no air.

“Sorry”, said David while putting his hand on my shoulder. I started to feel my face hot and realize that I starting to cry.

Later, we ate dinner and the food that auntie makes was good that it made me forget about my ball. David, Kristy, and I ran outside to play again. It was getting dark and we had nothing to do. We thought about for a few minutes or so. Until I thought about my bike.

“What about my bike!”, I said out loud. We started taking turns with my bike.

“Wait for me here, I need to use the bathroom.”, she said and ran fast as she could. David suggested that we should ride my bike to the forest. I thought about it “what could go wrong”, I told myself, so I agreed. David and I got on the bike and David started going fast.


As we ride through the forest, I felt the wind rushing through my face, I heard the wind whistling into my ears. It felt great, it felt free that I started to laugh without realizing it. Suddenly the bike hit a fallen branch and we went flying off the bike. Everything was blurry and i felt dizzy when I got. I checked myself for bruises and saw some but it didn’t bother me.

“David!”, I yelled out loud.
“David!”, I yelled again and it hurted my throat. I started to walking,
“It’s better than standing there”, I told myself. I started to feel sad. I want to cry but the tears won’t come out.
“Hey”, said a familiar voice. I turned my head and it was David and he was holding my broken bike.

Soon we started walking around the forest. David showed me the x marks he carved on the trees. Every now and then he would put x marks to mark if we’re already been the there. I started to cry every now and then because it seems to get darker and we haven’t even reach the Kristy’s house.

“ That’s not right.”, David said confused. I was confused too because there was already a x mark on the tree. My joy started to feel panic and i started to cry. David try to calm me down but I couldn’t stop. Just then there was a red fire blast going up to the sky. With my surprise David started to run after it so I did too.


I ran I fast I could but not as fast as David. He seems to know what was happening. I couldn’t see where we were going but David seems to. The light at the sky was starting to fade away. I started to think, “Was this coming from Kristy’s house. Just then I saw a light in front of us and it was Kristy’s house. I started to keep up with David and as we went to the front of the house we saw kristy hold some type of fireworks and she seems to be crying.


Kristy saw us and started to run towards us. She jumped on David and then me. Out of the dark where she was standing I saw her dad standing there. I started to cry again and was happy that I wasn’t lost again in the forest. After that David and I were grounded for going to the forest and getting lost in the dark. It was fascinating that David was there for me in the forest when we were lost. I could have been lost forever without anyone by my side. What I learn when I was lost was that you would need someone to look after you to help you find your way.

The author's comments:

This auto-I narrative is about the time when I was lost in the forest with my friend, David, and he was the one that calmed me down.

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