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The Awe of a Traveler

August 17, 2016
By G-writer GOLD, Grantville, Pennsylvania
G-writer GOLD, Grantville, Pennsylvania
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A crescent moon greets the bright sun as the ship gently sails through the crystal waters. Grey gulls circle port side. The taste of salt kisses your lips as the cool ocean breeze dances with your hair. Greece isn’t simply to be seen, Greece is to feel. The misty mountains of Athens shrink as we sail further and further from the mainland. Nothing to greet me but the sea and sky ahead. Plates clink, the smell of cologne hangs in the air before blowing away. Greek rolls off the tongues of natives drifting sweetly into your ears as the atmosphere imprints itself on your soul. Promising you a love affair that may just leave you longing for this country the rest of eternity. Never underestimate the power of wonder and awe. The power of exploration and observation. To fill the senses to the brim and leave you with the memory of a single image, a taste, a place that stole your heart the moment you stepped off the plane.

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