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December 2, 2015
By tannerschell BRONZE, Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania
tannerschell BRONZE, Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania
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  Do you know how people say a thing for just about every nationality except their own? Well this is what this article is about. The reason I wrote this article is because I was born in Canada and moved to the United States when I was five. When my class mates found out that I was Canadian,whenever they asked a question no matter what it was they always ended it with "eh?" And whenever i try to explain that not all Canadians say the whole "eh?" thing they would tell me that they understood and did not do it for about half an hour. Then they would as they didnt care said "Eh?" again and again. I try not to be "super" mad at my friends but it got to the point where every word they said around me was a insult to Canadians from "eh?" to plain old "canadians suck" some people even say " are you even Canadian, you dont act it".Which of course offended me. How can someone  "act" canadian??? Eventually I had to tell the guidence cousolerer about the whole thing and he said he would solve the problem.Eventually he did solve the problem and the school hasnt had any reports of people calling anyone anything. Which to me is a good thing because I had heard classmates talk about how much they hated the one black kid, which I am good friends with so I did the right thing 

   thank you for reading my article and hope you enjoyed this. 

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