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The Spirit of the Snake

July 5, 2015
By Gemini01 SILVER, Charlotte, North Carolina
Gemini01 SILVER, Charlotte, North Carolina
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It was a dark and calm night. The moon was full and bright. I was at an amusement park with some of my best friends, we were on a rollercoaster, seemingly flying through the forest it was built in. Then, it stops. the ride stops close to the ground and then our arm bars unlock. We stay there for what seems like hours but then, we hear something. It was a low hiss. Then there is more, hundreds more, a chorus of hisses rises up from the forest around us. Then we got out of our seats and ran. We ran as fast as we could, following the tracks of the coaster all the while being followed by the hisses. Then, we see them. Hundreds upon hundreds of snakes were chasing us. Then, one of my friends trips and falls. I tell the others to keep going, and run back for him. I get him up and running just as python goes to strike. Then, they begin to close in. A horde of serpents encircling us. Just as we were about to be trapped, I shove him forward, away from the horde and tell him to keep running and to not look back. I look around for anything to defend myself with. I found nothing in front, so I turn around, and find a cobra, rearing up, hood out, fangs showing, staring me straight in the eyes. I look into his and I see intelligence, and a burning fire that could make anyone submit to him. Then, he strikes, fast as lightnig at my shoulder. I step back, clutching my shoulder, feeling the venom spread through me. But, I stand my ground, and I wait to see what he will do next. I stare into his eyes again, with a burning determination to fend off, the cobra, even if I die. Then, I here a loud hiss, and wake up in my bed. I look around, knowing that it may have been a dream, but what I heard had been right next to me yet, there was nothing there. I look into my pet python's cage but saw that he was asleep so, I lay there wondering if what I heard was real, or not.

The author's comments:

Hey guys, this is based off a dream I had a while back and, even though you may not believe it, the hiss I woke up to was that of a cobra's. I asked my Abuela about it since she is into that kind of stuff and found out that it may be a sign about what my spirit animal is which is, you guessed it, a snake. Also, though it may be kind of hard to make out, the picture is of a python in the form of an eye.

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