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Talent Show

November 7, 2014
By Jaysonvue BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Jaysonvue BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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     When I walked into to the classroom for auditions for the talent show I felt my heart beating fast and I don’t remember if it was me being excited or me freaking out. So when I pulled out my guitar and preformed drop in the ocean by Ron pope they clapped when I was done.  Made me feel awesome and stuff. After that they told me to wait two weeks before they decide who to pick for the show so I waited.

  After two weeks of waiting I was begging to doubt that id make it since so many people tried out.  Then I walked slowly to the list scared I might not be on the list then there it was. I saw my name on the list I went home really happy I started practicing as soon as I got home. I went to all the practices after school the next week and everything was going great until.

  My guitar broke on the weekend at this point I was freaking out, I had another guitar but at the time I didn’t develop calluses on my fingers and the first talent show was the next day.  So I tried to fix it but it kept making a creaking sound that just sounded terrible. So I asked a friend if he had a guitar that I could borrow and he did so I felt relieved that he did.  So the next day he dropped it off to me at the front of the school.

  The guitar he gave me sounded a bit different than what I expected it but it worked.  When I went on stage it was nice I played the song through nice and smooth and at the end I felt great. After that I just I sat down and watched the performances.  It was great but nothing was going to prepare me for what was going to happen the next day.

  The next show I was going to play for my grade not in this situation made me think “ah it should be fine it just going to be like the last show “.  But boy was I wrong .As I was tuning my guitar I watched the classes come it filled up the whole cafeteria. The last show didn’t have as much kids plus I knew some of these people so the pressure was on.  As I waited for my turn to go up I was thinking of the best thoughts and tried to stay positive.

  Then when my name was called up I went on stage I looked at the audience it was loud then went quiet. I started to sing and play my guitar and I was thinking so much I stopped, at this  point I felt like walking off stage but .  Instead of doing that I heard one of my buds yelling “you could do it!” and everyone started cheering so I continued on the song on the second verse. When I was done a lot of people told me I was great but needed to not pause when I’m freaking out.  So of course I didn’t win the talent show but, it was a great experience and I’ve learned from it a lot from it. 

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i wanted to share this because its nice to look back and see how much you have improved

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Nickim SILVER said...
on Nov. 13 2014 at 9:38 pm
Nickim SILVER, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
–George Eliot

An excellent story with a very interesting twist at the end, but you had too many run-on sentences that were mechanically incorrect so it made it more difficult to read. Overall, the story line was great.