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A Good Cat is Hard to Find

October 7, 2014
By Underdog73 GOLD, Denver, Colorado
Underdog73 GOLD, Denver, Colorado
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The day I got Ms.Kitty had to be one of the best days of my life. Me and my parents just got back from visiting my brother Leigh in Omaha. It was my birth day and my parents told me as a present we were going to get a cat. So we drove to a cat store called Cat House. When we got their, the lady told us, “ Go on into the back that’s where we keep all of our cats.” So her son lead us into the store and we entered a small room filled with cats. My mom sat down on a bench with my dad and just was surveying all of the cats. 

“Sarita,” my Mom said, “I think we’ll get this cat, she seems very nice.” Behind me, my parents were petting a very old, dull looking cat. The cat’s hair was sticking up and looked as if she could die any minute. I looked at my Mom and shook my head no. I started to walk around the small room. I saw a cat toy, the kind that has a long stick with a little ball of fuzz on the end of a string. I picked it up and I started waving it around like a magic wand. When I did this, I started to attract most of the younger cats in the room. Then, I saw a brown tabby cat with black and light brown spots all over her.She should be my cat I thought. So I walk over to my Mom. I turned around only to see the Tabby cat following me. When I stopped moving, she jumped on me. Laughing I patted her back. As she started to purr, she rolled over and then as quickly as she was there she left. So I continued to walk to my Mom I said to her 

“Mom, did you see that spotted cat? We should get her instead of the very old cat.” My mother just looked at me until my Dad walked over and stated,  

“Honey why don’t we go to another place to look maybe there is another cat there you’ll love even more.” I nodded my head and we were heading towards the door when the Tabby started to follow me again I bent down to her level and whispered in her ear, 

“Don’t let anyone else take you ok, I’ll be back” She just looked at me and I swear till this day, I saw her nod her head.

We got back in the car and drove over to a near by animal shelter. When we got their, we entered the cat door and what I saw amazed me. About fifty cats were locked in cages and looked starved. I wished I could adopt them all, but the cats just didn't feel right. I started to look in the cages at the cats. Nervous, due to the fact it was deadly quiet and all the cats seemed to be looking at me, I finally saw a pair of white cats in the same cage. I supposed they were twins but I couldn't be sure. Putting my small hand through the cage to pet the kittens. When I patted them, they stayed motionless. I froze hoping they were sleeping. So I walked over to my parents and said, 
“I don't really like this place. Can we go back now, I want to get the spotted kitten.” They nodded and we got back in the car.
Then my Mom’s cell phone started to ring. 
“Hello?” asked my  Mom,
“Oh yeah, she has her heart set on this one kitten so we are driving back. Oh sure you can,” My Mom dropped her hand over the phone and spoke quietly, 
“It’s Ang do you want to talk to her, she want to know all about the kitten you saw.” Nodding my head I reached for the phone. Pressing it to my ear I heard 
“Hey Sarita I heard you're getting a kitten today,” said Ang, I spoke back merrily and told her all about the spotted kitten, and how i'd most likely name her Spot. Then we said our goodbyes and I handed Mom back her phone. Being in the parking lot of the Cat House I got out of the car anxiously. I was so excited. I was going to get my very own pet! As we walked, I  thought about the things me and the Tabby cat would do together in my mind. We entered the back door that led to the Tabby cat. We entered the room, I started to turn my head frantically looking for the cat when I saw an old lady picking up the spotted kitten whom I was going to get. Thinking to myself she is just looking at her and will put her down soon, then when she does i'll get the cat. But I thought wrong. The tabby licked the ladys face, she then laughed and said, 
“This is the cat for me fun, happy, and sparky she will surely put me back into my olden days.” I felt terrible. I just lost the kitten I thought would be my best friend. So me and my parents walked out of the store and back into the car.
“Don't worry honey, you don't have to get a cat today,” said my Mom. Knowing she was just trying to make me feel better, I started to silently cry. My Dad then said,
“Your Moms right, you don't have to get one today but, we'll look at one more place, then if one isn't there we'll just call it a day ok?” Nodding my head with small tears running down my cheeks, I agreed. So we drove for about fifteen minutes and we stopped. We got out of the car to see this enormous  building.
“What is this place?” I asked curiously.

“This is a cat shop called the Dumb Friends League,”said Mom. So we walked into the shop. This lady was at a desk, sitting and typing something. My parents started talking to her about what we were looking for. I then saw a little white ball of something rush under the desk. Nervous, wondering if this place had rats, I got down on my knees ever so slowly. Pearing under the desk and looked. Only to see a very small, white kitten under it. I gave a little chuckle. But, the kitten looked frightened. I must of scarred her. I got up from my knees and poked my mom to get her attention.

“Mom, cat we get that one?” I asked. Then the lady said, 
“I’m sorry deary but that cat is already taken by someone, but we have tons of other kittens to choose from.” I nodded my head sadly.

The lady lead us to this huge room filled with tons of cats. I gave a small smile as I looked around. I saw so many kittens and I saw one small black one trying to find a safe place to sleep. I sat on the small bench that was there and just looked around. Then the black cat from before came and jumped up onto the small bench. I smiled very big hoping she'd play with me. She then walked over to me and sat on my lap. I felt very happy she came to me. She then curled herself up into a small ball of black, fuzzy, fur and fell asleep. 

“Mom look at this,” I whisper yelled to her. The kitten made a small movement but stayed sleeping. My mother came over to me and she let out a small awwww and she sat next to me

“Honey I think this might be the one,” she said. I nodded my head in agreement. My parents then told me to stay in this room with the cat while they talked to the lady. I nodded and started to pet my new best friend.
Then I didn't know it then, but Kevin walked through the door with his mom. He seemed very happy at the moment. Kevin then surveyed the room and looked straight at me. He pointed to my lap where the cat was sleeping and said, 
“Mom look, look at that black cat, can we get it please?” Then his mom nodded her head. I felt very bad for what I did next. You see it wasn't official that I was getting this cat we had to ask the lady if it was ok and if this cat had her shots. So Kevin came and sat next to me, he said, 
“Hey can I hold her since, i’m going to getting her?” I would have let him if it were under different circumstances but I told him firmly and possibly meanly
“No, i'm sorry, but i'm getting this cat, she’s mine.” He then got up from the bench and walked over to his mom and cried. I felt strangely proud of this because he was older and taller than me. So him and his mom walked out of the room. When Kevin walked out of the room the door slammed, and the cat woke up. A few minutes after that event a small girl about my age walked in and started playing with the gray and black striped twins. The cat jumped off of my lap and went into the top of a two stacked cage and started to nap, so I went to talk to the little girl. 

“Hello,” she said
“i’m just playing with these two cute little kittens wanna play?” Nodding my head I got down to the kittens level she then started to explain to me that she is getting another cat so her other one won't be so lonely. She then said that she could get one twin and I could get the other one and have cat play dates. I personally thought it was a crazy idea, but I went along with it anyway. So we played with the two kittens watching them go in and out of a small cat tunnel that was there for them. The girl then left without a cat because her parents said they wanted to look somewhere else. So I went back to sitting on the bench.

After a while, my parents walked in and said that the lady wanted to talk to me about the responsibilities of getting a cat. Objecting I stated, 

“But a boy already tried to take my cat, what if when i'm gone someone else takes her?” my Mom said,
“Honey, no one can take her because we are adopting her, and the little band on her neck means she can’t be adopted by anyone.” After she said those words, she put a small, white band around the black kittens neck. I nodded and we left the room to go to a small table in the hallway separating the dogs from the cats. Then us and the lady sat down and she told me about the basics of having a cat such as not to pull her tail, and not to put her in water. I agreed with all of these things and she gave me a pink collar with a bell on it to put on my cat. I gave a toothy grin.

We got up and walked over to a different door that read ‘Big Cats’
“Why are we over here?” I asked the lady. She said,
“I thought you'd like to meet the mother of the kitten you're getting” I gave a small smile and nodded. Frankly, I was nervous to meet a momma cat I have barely seen cats on T.V at the time and I was thinking she'd be as big as a lion. I gave a small gulp as we entered the room. It was a very nice room with a bench just like the other one, but there was a window in there too. Then I saw the mom of the kitten I was getting. She looked pretty big like a small dog. We then left the room and got the black kitten and the put her in a weird box. I looked like a big happy meal box from McDonalds. So we got in the car and drove to Wal-mart. Mom ran into the Wal-mart and came back with the things we needed for our cat.

When we got home, we let the cat out of the box she was in. We watched her for a while but she did nothing. So I started to walk to the living room and she followed me. Ang, my sister came over and saw the cat and said,
“That cat doesn't look like a Spot to me.” We all laughed at this,

“This is a different cat Ang” I said, “Oh” she replied. I thought about the other kitten and how hard it was to find Ms.Kitty. When we brought Ms.Kitty home, she really like our house. One day Ms.Kitty was exploring outside and got stuck in a deep window well. We found her at the end of the day and saved her. It was then I realized ‘A Good Cat is Hard to Find’

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Appreciate the cats of the world, for there's a cat inside us all

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