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The Boy

June 21, 2014
By HAILO BRONZE, Chehalis, Washington
HAILO BRONZE, Chehalis, Washington
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I'm awkward and shy. I'm not really the type of person to try to flirt, so I don't. Rio, he was different. I mean I wasn't very flirty when we started talking, I barley knew him. In fact the first message I ever sent to him was "ayy". He replied. We had some really interesting conversations, that made me develop a crush on him. "He's too perfect for me". "He's so much better than me". "He wont want to be with me". "I'm younger". "I'm ugly". These were all thought that I had, but something strange happened, he was flirting with me, he liked me! I was so excited, happy, and everything imbetween. I nervously invited him over to my house and he said he would love to! I was so nervous that I couldn't sleep. Soon morning came and I was nervous. He came over and I wasn't sure what would happen, but he held my hand the second he had the chance, and then he kissed me. The boy who was too good for me, kissed me! I didn't feel like a loser anymore, someone liked me. I layed in my bed when he went home and started thinking. Maybe he didn't mean anything by the kiss. What if he was just being nice. I was terrified, but the next day it was official. I had a boyfriend. I was with the boy with the cute smile and beautiful eyes. All I could ask for, I had.

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