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Feels Like Summer Again

May 27, 2014
By VisionsOfDylan GOLD, Springfield, Missouri
VisionsOfDylan GOLD, Springfield, Missouri
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You ever have a song come on that you just aren’t prepared to hear again? You haven’t heard it in almost a year and things were so different the last time and it reminds you of people and nights you wish you could go back to. A feeling you wish you could have again, that you tried so hard to not let fade.

This is part of who I am I guess, how I never completely get over things, how I can’t separate music from people. The funny part is, by now, I know this is pretty much a certainty. I do this. I forget that part of why I love the music so damn much is because of what’s going on and who I’m with when I listen to it. I forget that and then all of a sudden things change; the songs mean something entirely different. I avoid them as long as I can, then I hear them and this feeling comes over me. This feeling of wanting to go back, to keep the people and nights from fading but knowing nothing will be that way again.

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