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May 12, 2014
By MynaJane1234 GOLD, Greenfield, Ohio
MynaJane1234 GOLD, Greenfield, Ohio
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"luke 6:31 ( Do to others as you would have them do to you)

I strongly HATE when you are in foster care and some one dies in your bio family, and you don't even get told about it and then the next day you find out from your mom that the funeral was last weekend and you didn't even get invited. like for real that's messed up im so tired of feeling left out of my OWN family. its hard enough knowing that your not going to see your family as much and then they keep this. what they said was you have so much going on right now and i wanted to tell you in person? OK i get that but when he did die i would like to have known because im not a little girl anymore i will be 18 this year i mean come on i don't understand. i already feel like its my own fault as it is no need to tell me important stuff like this yeah your soo right about that

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ok i was just venting about when i found out last night that my gram-pa died and my family decided to keep it from me just because i am in foster care it just makes me feel sick i don't know tell me what you guys think please

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